The Purpose of Welding Positioners in the Manufacturing Industry

Welding positioners play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of welding processes. They occupy a distinctive part of automated welding systems, which allow the industries to place the weldments (irrespective of their size) mechanically to perfection. This in turn expedite the process of manufacturing and creates a comfortable welding experience for welders. Looking at the varying demands of the industry, the variety of welding positioners and their purposes served also differ. Owing to multifarious advantages of these machines, it is essential for the companies to select the positioning equipment that matches perfectly with their requirements.

Welding Positioners and Their Purpose

Positioners comprise a substantial part of the automation system, and serve great purposes in manufacturing industries, some of which include:

  • Ensure highest level of security and safety for the welders
  • Reduce the fatigue
  • Enhance the quality of welding
  • Use the floor space efficiently

Variety of Positioners

Multiple weld positioning equipment find effective usage in different industries. Some of these commonly used welding Robotic positioners include:

  • Manipulators– For a high degree of efficiency and quality delivery of welding tasks.
  • Turning Rolls– For accommodating the effective rotation of pressure vessels, pipes as well as tanks.
  • Fit up Bed Rollers- For saving ample amount of time in the manufacture of largely connected vessels.
  • Growing line systems– To facilitate large diameter production especially in the manufacture of wind towers.

Choosing the Best Welding Positioners

Enterprises and individuals usually buy a new welding positioner or select a rental one, depending on their requirements and budget constraints. Irrespective of your purchase or rental deal, it is better to consider the following essential factors before investing money in the best welding positioner.

  • COG or the center of gravity plays a crucial role while making a choice for welding positioners. It equally balances the weldment on all axes. With the changing distance of the weldments from the device, the COG also varies, since the welder is applying more torque to the positioner. Besides, addition of parts and materials to the positioned also affect the COG.
  • The process of attaching weldment and fixtures with perfection varies depending on your specific requirements
  • For cylindrical products make a preference for turning rolls.
  • Ensure that the equipment mounts on a flat surface to avoid any kind of tipping.
  • Connection of ground current to welding positioners.

Prefer Rental Positioners

If you belong to an industry that serves the varying requirements of the customers, than selecting the desired positioners for welding on rent becomes a wise decision. It provides superior level of efficiency in production with least amount of investment. Considering the current scenario of economic downturn, it essentially cuts down the cost factor for every industry. It always remains the most cost-effective option to prefer renting positioners than buying them.