China Will Take Our Corporate Jet Manufacturing Sector

One by one China has been taking our major industries from us. Often they borrow our technology, a.k.a. proprietary information theft, then copy our best technologies and sell them back to us, and to the rest of the world at the same time. But in reality, should we really be blaming China? After all, China is doing what’s in its best interests. No, I’m not letting them off the hook for patent piracy, that is quite unfortunate, and although they don’t have a cultural basis for seeing things the way we do, they still operate in the same global trading realm, and they ought to follow the rules.

Rather what I’m saying is we shouldn’t blame China because here the United States we are our own worst enemy. When the United States makes an enemy anywhere in the world with any other government, China runs over and makes a friend, they replace us, and they gain a new trading partner. Therefore by our own stringent rules, we are alienating foreign governments that were once our best trading partners, or our friends and allies.

Indeed, I would submit to you we are doing the same things with our major corporations. Our government, specifically the Obama Administration, and our president himself has made those that own corporate jets look as if they are wasting money, and singled out those who fly on those corporate Jets as part of the top 1% of the rich folks who are hoarding the economic prosperity of our country. Now then, I know this plays very good to his voter base and to the unions who claim that corporate executives are paid far too much.

No one can disagree that often corporate executives are paid too much, but that isn’t for the president to decide nor the American people, rather that is the shareholders and owners of the company’s decision. Because we’ve been so hard on corporate aviation, we’ve essentially killed the industry, now that it is hurting, China sees an opportunity to come in and buy it on the cheap. In essence they will steal some of our technology, buy some of it, and they will in the end own all of that industry.

There was an interesting article in Aviation Today on November 14, 2012 titled; “Cessna, CAIGA Form Joint Venture for Citation Jets in China,” which stated; “Cessna formed a joint venture with China Aviation Industry General Aircraft Co. (CAIGA) to conduct final assembly of Cessna Citation jets for customers in China.”

Interestingly enough the Wichita Business Journal had an article on November 13, 2012 titled; “More than 8,000 Chinese intend to buy business aircraft,” by Daniel McCoy, which to me sounded about right. Remember there is much pent up demand in China, as previously private aircraft ownership wasn’t permitted, and then later only rarely.

I’d say it is our own darn fault for allowing this to happen, and it’s too bad because in the United States we make the best business aircraft and jet aircraft anywhere in the world. And now we are working to turn the whole industry over to China who will produce these aircraft in mass for their own market, and then turn around and sell them to the rest of the world, including here the US. Do you have any idea how many high-tech jobs we have in general aviation today?

Well, I guess it doesn’t matter that you don’t know the answer to that question, as we won’t have those jobs tomorrow, and we can thank ourselves for selling out this industry and putting it into a tailspin. Please consider all this and think on it.